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  • Understand how your JULABO temperature control equipment works, it’s key components, and how they affect your results.
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Refrigeration Basics

What is the difference between an air-cooled and water-cooled temperature control system?

The Effect of Temperature on States of Matter

If pressure is constant, the state of a substance will depend entirely on the temperature it is exposed to.

Recommended Fluid Types

There are important factors to consider when choosing the right heat transfer fluid for your temperature control unit.

This is Question Mark.

An organic chemist by trade with experience working in the lab, he can talk for hours on end about our products. Mark conducts product training for JULABO USA employees. He is the best person to ask questions about specific applications in temperature control, including how the Julabo App formula calculator can get you the best product recommendation. A gym and cigar aficionado, he’s also the inspiration for our unofficial motto – we heat things up and cool them down!